LTGTR …. 2016

Thanks so very much to all the dancers who came to ‘Let The Good Times Roll …’ yesterday, it was such a pleasure to see your smiling faces and you made the day so much fun! Thanks also to our terrific instructors, Doris Dubé, Double Trouble (aka Cathy Montgomery and Kathy K), Amie Andison and Margo Cameron. They did such a good job of teaching at the same time keeping their audience entertained!.

Dances taught:
Doris: ‘Drunk’ by Severine Fillion (Beg)/ ‘I Love Me Most’ by Betty Moses(Beg/Improver)

Double Trouble (their own dances): ‘Come On Let’s Dance’ Improver (gonna be popular!) / ‘My Dress … Your Floor’ (Improver)

Event Dance written by myself and Double Trouble: ‘Shelter In The Storm’ – Improver – video and step sheet coming!

Amie: ‘Suite 16’ by Karl Harry Winson (Int)

Myself: ‘What Is Love?’ New Beginner, video and step sheet coming / In Case You Didn’t Know’ written with Kim Ray

Margo – Blast From The Past ‘Hope’ by Dan Morrison

Lots of dances in between the teaches and at the evening dance. You can check out the dance list on the website the facebook page.

As many of you know Fred recently had a knee replacement. He gamely DJd the afternoon session but had to go home afterwards. Cynthia Skublak stepped in and did a great job of DJing with Eddie. Many many thanks to Cynthia Skublak, what a good friend she is,

As always we do some fund raising. The 50/50 will go to the Ontario Chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation and raised $172 thanks to the generosity of Margo Cameron who donated a portion of her winnings back to the pot. Thanks for Valarie Keller who donated a complimentary pass to Dancin’ For Miracles 2017.

The Basket Raffle was as always impressive thanks to dedicated Dale McNeil who collects items for the baskets all year round and then makes up the baskets which look terrific, thanks also to everyone who donates these items. $350 was raised for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

Next year will be the 15th anniversary of ‘Let The Good Times Roll ….’ and we are going to have a PARTY!!! I received some great suggestions on how we can celebrate and if you have any other suggestions do let me know. The date will be : OCTOBER 21 2017.

The Legion has received funding to do a lot of work on the building so there will be new washrooms, chairs and so on, all ready for our party! This will be an occasion to celebrate. We certainly didn’t think at the first event that we would be still be going 15 years later!! Thanks to everyone who has supported us all this time.

Very importantly thanks so very much to my dear friends who do the door, carry, lift, fix, organize, pick up, clear up and anything else that is needed to be done to help me, couldn’t do it without you.

Keep dancin’! xxx


Instructors Dale and Raffle Baskets
Dancers Amie Andison Doris DubeMargo Cameron Double Trouble  Cathy M & Kathy K

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